Дай Себе!

I'd rather find out who you are
Than who you're not

Ben Harper

Правила тут у нас простые. Курить – разрешается, употреблять – милости просим, можно заниматься сексом с кем и с чем угодно, в том числе с собой, можно ходить в каком угодно виде и демонстративно поклоняться любым богам и идеям1, можно выбирать себе пол, возраст, внешность, национальность и звучание голоса. Вот только хамить не надо. Не люблю я этого, да и никто не любит, кроме хамящего в момент хамления. Нарушение этого единственного правила карается модерацией без суда и следствия, а также посмертной ссылкой на низшие планеты (есть у меня знакомые кришнаиты, у которых есть знакомые ямадуты). В остальном – рад тебя видеть, кто бы ты ни был(а)(о).

1 - Кроме одной - национализма.
2 - Пожалуйста, не обращайся ко мне на "Вы".

Василий К.

Новая гостевая доступна здесь. Ниже вы можете почитать архив старой гостевой

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фильтрующие противогазы - студопедия

29-09-2021 09:59

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Susie Zhao, 33, who was known as Susie Q in the skilled poker
world, had swept up at least $222,671 in gambling winnings earlier
than her mysterious dying. Zhao's loss of life stays shrouded in thriller.
A 60-12 months-old man has been arrested over the grotesque killing of a high-stakes poker participant after her burning
physique was found in a parking lot. No leads to Oakland
County Jail inmate information according to the details of the case could be found
presently. Jump high, push heavy crates, avoid pointy spikes, gun turrets,
and different hazards in each mind-teasing degree as you snatch
our bodies of the human race one at a time.
Degree by level the enemy's tanks get faster,
smarter, and deadlier. Nongunz: Doppelganger Version (Digerati, 6th Could,
$14.99) - Nongunz is a nihilistic action-platformer roguelike.

Rebuilt from the bottom-up, the Doppelganger Edition is a remastered model
of the original, never beforehand released on console, and options
two all-new modes: Area and native Co-op.

26-09-2021 01:39

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Taking 5% for the house is fairly standard
throughout the web poker trade although there are a
number of rooms that rake less. Skrill is an e-wallet,
type of like PayPal, that lets users move their money around the internet and spend
it with participating merchants. Apparently random account suspensions,
player-unfriendly dealing with of technical glitches in MTT
collection, security holes with prospects' private paperwork, and declining player liquidity have users frightened in regards to the long-term future of global.
We really find it ironic that so many cautionary tales
about Global's supposedly rigged video games have sprung up.
To find a greater online poker room to name home, head over to our guide to the leading USA-friendly
on-line poker websites. Yet, when it comes to World Poker, the
sheer number of gamers saying the room is dealing out hands unfairly is outstanding.
Nevertheless, these programs do not work at Global Poker, so there is
no simple manner to take care of a database of your fingers or get
stats on your opponents.

24-09-2021 19:08

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How is Poker Fighter different from other Coaching Strategies?
Booking a teaching session with a professional Poker
Player just isn't a straightforward task. 2-three hours per
session). It allows you to Practice these scenarios with out Risking Actual-Cash, 24
hours a day, 7 days every week. A crackerjack finale leads to the film’s bittersweet final shot, which references Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel
fresco ‘The Creation of Adam’ and encapsulates a lot about Schrader’s
cinema, in the whole lot from means again to the days
of Taxi Driver. As with most of Schrader’s work
- but particularly his excellent 2017 film First Reformed - the French formalist filmmaker Robert Bresson is the key affect on The Card
Counter, mainly within the puritanical rigour of
the storytelling and the performances, but additionally in how it grapples with the mystifying and contradictory elements of
morality. First you get that buzz which turns to mild euphoria,
after which the nasties kick in and the sickness starts to rise.

22-09-2021 11:22

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At present, anyone with an web connection can create a web
based trading account and begin investing. The price of investing has diminished considerably since online buying and selling became a staple of
investing. Our monetary safety is essential in terms of planning our future,
but frequent misconceptions about investing pose a severe menace to
the future wealth. Vin Diesel comes off as an genuine character in all sides of his
Fb Fan Page, from his Timeline cowl to the photographs that
he posts, which normally include his personal photographs and those
of the folks around him. The primary celebrity whom we are
going to use as our case examine is Vin Diesel, whose real identify is Mark Sinclair Vincent.
Mostly, common buyers will do better investing in stocks over a
lifetime than trying to win the World Collection of Poker.
However the truth is selecting stocks has confirmed to be a
losing sport over the long run.

22-09-2021 08:27

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Как выстроить самодельные гусеницы?

22-09-2021 05:51

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как оформить соглашение аренды квартиры образец

22-09-2021 03:00

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For sure, you can revenue enjoying poker and another net entertainment; nonetheless it is especially intriguing how
you possibly can profit by essentially purchasing and providing stuff.
Treat it as every other coin and utilize your poker face so to score that coin for what it is actually price.
You too can make use of your coin collecting worth guide to sell and commerce coins online.
Coin accumulating value information additionally presents in our market to
ease every coin collector in realizing all the prices of their coins.
Then they should have coin collecting folders, and they need to completely own a coin gathering price information. Your
site will seemingly have an inherent activity analyser which can let you already know where your
motion is originating from and which is productive. There's an attraction for information and you can begin profiting
with eBooks on the off chance that you just know how you can focus the
gross sales to extend ROI. Even if these shows extra work
it moreover exhibits varied open doorways in the event that you understand how to journey the tactic.

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постройка автодома и запись в 2021году

19-09-2021 23:21

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заполнение а также выдача вида на жительство / консультантплюс

19-09-2021 16:05

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